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The NEW 2014 Toyota Fj Cruiser ~ A Legacy of Performance
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for your situation and the budget tight out there, but my 64 VW gas tank had a little depression below the outlet fitting that collected any water in the tank and developed a pinhole in the steel there about 9 years from new. Tried a trick my Dad did with an older fuel oil tank in the basement of screwing a sheet metal screw into the lowest part of that tank and it worked to seal the leak. I however used some good epoxy with the screw and never leaked again for over 16 more years. For your situation, maybe some good sandblasting or sanding, to get down to good metal, some JB Weld with maybe some screen cloth, and a fresh coat of high temp paint and it may be as good or better than new. A little more work than just swapping it out, but then the satisfaction of doing it myself so better than new and saving the original part from the trash is unmeasurable. My car for the last 20 years has lots of stuff like that, and so far all the stuff I rebuilt that wasn't designed to be rebuilt, has proven better than the original part with a little ingenuity using most of the same stuff the car was originally sold with. Had to go to the sporting goods store to find the cable that connects the shift lever with the readout. You probably wouldn't believe what I did with the contacts for the steering wheel cruise buttons using all the original buttons. That hasn't failed in over 14 years now. But time is money too, so do what you enjoy most. Just remember dirt in your tranny (even microscopic) is your worst enemy. I change my fluid and filter at least every 50K.



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